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Chapters - An Arizona Life

Spring break at Lake Havasu

The story begins with Sasha sharing how she was initiated over the annual Easter vacation then went on to find sex fun and adventure while still being a nice person.

Spring Break was still four months away when all the talk and planning started. I wasn't particularly interested, but as the week came closer I realised that if I wanted to be "in" I had to participate. I also came to realise that most of my friends and peers really disliked their lives and they couldn't wait to get drunk and party like there was no tomorrow.

I talked to Mum and she said that while I could choose not to go, it was a rite of passage that I should probably go through with although I didn't have to do anything disagreeable. So really, Mum was no help at all and rather than stay home and possibly suffer some flack, I thought I should go.

Then I became aware of the competition which meant greasing up to some of the boys with money enough to own or rent a nice boat. Bobby Harris was the richest boy in school and spring break stories were rife so I was under no illusion that it was all about drunken shenanigans and sex. I knew that Bobby was out of my league but in the month preceding spring break, I shortened my skirts and competed with other girls to get the boys attention which made me feel rather stupid.

Then in the week before, like many girls I was in limbo but I got Bobby's attention and discreetly let him know that if I was a girl on his boat, I'd really put on a good show. It seemed like a done deal for a couple of days but I was also playing the odds by playing up to all the boys with boats as the best fun was on the water and not in the city.

In that final week of school I sorted out what to take and mum gave me a big packet of condoms, lube, sunscreen and massage oil. I told her I wasn't planning on having sex, but she just laughed and said that I was going to a spring break party and needed to be prepared, if not for myself then for my girlfriends. But by Thursday I knew I wasn't going with Bobby but I managed to get in with Cameron Reeves and some of his friends because I'd had sex with one of them and hinted that I'd like to play some more.

We skipped time off school on Thursday and drove up with me sitting in the back between two wannabe jocks who told endless dirty jokes and promised a great time. They also tried to undress me but they didn't get all the way although I found their efforts more amusing than offensive, even when they groped me a bit. We arrived fairly late at night and the boat looked quite big at first, then I learned that there were only three actual beds between about eight guys and only four girls.

Drinks were passed around as soon as we came on board and Abby rubbed herself all over Cam because she wanted to sleep in the double bed and I didn't want to play that game. The other guys were fairly polite and I was given one of the single beds to share with Chelsea while another two girls shared the other leaving the guys had to find space on deck. Even though we were tired, we sat around in anticipation of the parties drinking, flirting and exchanging comments with people on nearby boats. After a couple of hours Chelsea and I worked out our sleeping arrangements and cuddled into bed together.

She'd bought herself a sexy little nightdress and looked lovely, but I hadn't bothered and after a short chat I actually slept. Sometime later I woke aware that Chelsea was making out with someone in the dark. I was pressed against the hull and could scarcely move but whoever he was, he grabbed one of my tits and started kissing me. I was a bit resistant but then I remembered that this was mostly what the week was about so I relaxed and participated. Actually he was quite a nice kisser but he had no real idea what to do with his hands.

I couldn't see but I knew Chelsea was rubbing his cock and after he came, we got back to sleep to be rudely woken the morning by the two guys I'd sat with coming up. They pulled back the sheet teasing us and wanting sex. Chelsea seemed more willing than I was and I said that I needed to use the bathroom first but I didn't escape without a good groping.

229 pages, 87000 words by Sasha Wellford Price, $5.00

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