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Chapters - B-S Love

  They say it's not meant to happen, but it does because in fact a few guys I know have done it with their sisters and their real concern was not getting pregnant although some guys didn't even care about that. I like to think I was a bit more responsible beginning so this is what happened. I'm a year older than Angie and we always got on really well sometimes sharing our problems and nutting things out together. We occasionally saw each other naked and it was never an issue.

I had an on and off girlfriend called Jess who I'd shagged a few times and I'd had other girlfriends previously in addition to getting my leg over with a woman down the street but that's another story. Angie by the way is really pretty with big soft boobs and a body to match. I'd been out playing football and come home to find mum and dad had gone out but Mum had left dinner prepared and I'd loosely arranged to go to a party and perhaps meet Jess. Having taken a shower I turned the computer on to do some homework but after a few minutes I started looking at naked woman. Then I got a video call from this girl Jenny from school who fancy me for some reason but I didn't really like her. She was delighted that I was sitting in my birthday suit and for some reason I got chatting but it was probably more because I could see her tits. Then while that was happening, sis came home.

My door was open so I stood up to close it and there was my sis Angie giggling in the doorway. I wasn't particularly embarrassed, but the way she was laughing was a bit of a turn on though I tried not to betray any emotion, I just asked what was up. Ignoring me she pushed past to see who I was talking to and when she saw Jenny, she disconnected the call and started giving me a hard time because she didn't like Jenny either. I explained that she'd called me and I got a bit distracted looking at her tits but she told a few good jokes. Then I asked Angie what she'd been up to.

She fell back on my bed and said she'd had a shit of a day, not so much that things had gone particularly badly, rather the day's events hadn't met her expectations. I knew what that meant and elaborating said she'd been out with a new guy she had the hots for but somehow it'd all gone flat and on top of that a couple of guys tried to molest her on the subway coming home. As she lay on the bed I couldn't help but notice her boobs spilling out from underneath her top and her skirt had ridden up giving me a veiled view of her pussy through her thin knickers.

Then there was a noise from the computer that made us both look, it was one of those annoying pop-up windows that happens from looking at porn sites and there were two guys and a girl fucking on-screen. Angie exclaimed oh my God and asked why I bothered with that stuff. I just shrugged and said shit happens and perhaps I was frustrated because my sometimes girlfriend was only sometimes. Angie slowly dragged her eyes away from the screen saying it looks like those guys are really having fun, maybe I should be as porn star? I told her she was too good for that then she asked what I was gonna do about my occasional girlfriend for which I had no answer so she said let me give you a hug and pulled me onto the bed beside her.

It was a really nice hug but then she kissed me and said that I was her favourite brother, a stupid comment really because we were only two siblings, but she giggled and kissed me again. Then I became aware of her boobs pressing against my chest and my cock stiffening against her leg. I told her that she was a great sister and then her hand was on my cock. I couldn't believe it at first, but then she rolled on top of me and sat up to have a closer look. I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or not because the way she held me was pretty dam good. The way she was sliding her hand up and down my shaft fell so damn good I couldn't move and next thing she had it in her mouth.

At that point, I slid my fingers up the insides of her legs and rubbed her pussy. She stopped sucking long enough to say what I was doing felt great and then her pussy was hovering above my mouth, there was only one thing I wanted to do. I pulled her knickers aside and started sucking her off. From then on any thought that she was my sister went out the window. Amazingly we got each other off with oral sex and then we replayed that video and talked about all the different angles of penetration and wondering aloud  that because it was a porn film, were actually enjoying themselves although when the woman orgasmed, Angie thought that was pretty genuine.

By then I could hardly restrain myself, I tickled her under the arms a little bit like I used to do when we were much younger and then we fell back on the bed and started making out.  She's a great kisser so I guess if any guy wanting to date her was to asked my opinion, I'd be able to give an honest answer. I soon had all her clothes off and then we fucked. I was so high I didn't want to stop but in fact I was miles away from coming. We tried out different positions and then to have a rest we stopped to watch some more porn, a big guy with a little girl and we couldn't believe that his huge cock disappeared up inside her and she seemed to be ready enjoying it. Angie had to pee then so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cans of beer but she came in after me and we fucked again on the kitchen table. That was ever so much fun and my cock was still hard as a rock and she joked that my sometimes girlfriend Jess didn't know what she was missing out on.

Although we both had tentative plans for the evening, we fucked in every room of the house and by the end of the evening I still hadn't come and began to think there was something wrong with me. Angie she said her pussy was getting tired so she tried to suck me off which was ever so nice and then she said I could fuck her arse. I asked her twice if she was sure about it then we scampered around the house to look for some lube. Then I fucked her arse until she couldn't take it anymore. At that point we took a shower together and talked about how much fun we were having, how we enjoyed being together and loving each other before discussing the reality that brothers and sisters weren't supposed to do this. Then we kind of agreed that as long as she didn't get pregnant, it could be fun on occasion that we had to be careful not to fall in love so as to get meshed together.

At that stage I still had a boner and my balls were aching. She tried jerking off but wasn't doing any good either so she suggested we go over and see Sally. I didn't know she knew about Sally, the lady down the street. In fact she didn't know that we'd been fucking occasionally then bugger me, she gave Sally a call and a few minutes later she came over. When Sally arrived, Angie and I had partly dressed, and I felt really embarrassed when Angie said to Sally "you know Sally, I should really be terribly embarrassed but somehow I'm not. My poor brother has a rather stiff problem that he really needs some help with. I know he's a fine looking specimen but sisters are not supposed to help with these sorts of things and you're the most sensible person in the neighbourhood."  

Sally laughed and said she had the perfect remedy then she grabbed my cock and said she knew exactly what was needed. It was nice being held again by a familiar hand and as she knelt sliding my pants down, she asked Angie to undo her zip and bra. I must say it was interesting watching my sister undressing my neighbour as she took my cock into her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking Sally told Angie that they had to take me to my bed which was all messed up and had a few wet spots. She didn't care about that and after a couple of minutes I was oblivious to anything else. A long time later I finally came and squirted my juice up inside her which coincided with my parents coming home. Angie and Sally dashed across to Angie's room to dress while I just dived into bed and pretended to be asleep. Mum opened my door to see if I was awake then closed it quietly and went away. I heard mum, Sally and Angie talking in the hallway and soon after that the house went quiet.

It may have been half an hour later Angie slipped into bed beside me to assure me that I was the bestest brother and I thought that with all the sex that evening I wouldn't have anything left. But amazingly with the help of Angie's hands and mouth, I got another stuffy. Thankfully it didn't last through more than half an hour of nice gentle thrusting and a really sweet coming together. We fell asleep and sometime during the night Angie slipped back to her own bed.

Next morning life carried on as normal. After school I went to the house of my sometimes girlfriend who for some reason declared that she had the hots for me and wanted a fuck. From my perspective I did a half arsed job but she was happy and as I went away from her house, I saw one of the other guys coming down the street that she'd been seeing. I didn't particularly care, but a few minutes later Sally gave me a wave and we stood chatting at her gate for a few minutes because her husband was due home any moment. Back at home Mum and dad were still working and I sat down to do some homework. Angie came home and we chatted briefly but later when mum and dad were sleeping, she came into my bed then again we had a really sweet fuck.

We continued to regularly have sex for the next couple of years taking special care to avoid pregnancy and diseases. I also continued my relationship with Sally and there were quite a few occasions when Angie joined in. It was hilariously good fun but it was a different story when I spent a weekend with Sally and another guy...

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