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Chapters - A daring afternoon

Jayne says: on Friday night I spent a lot of time complaining to my friends about Harold, my boyfriend James' father who'd just blocked funding for a new business venture we were trying to start up. There was no practical reason for him interfering, but he did and I was ever so annoyed. James had just gone down to London and Harold wanted me to come up to the house, one of those big places with servants et cetera and deliver a report to him and his partners on some work done for him previously.

I'd spoken to James on the phone he suggested I stay away to piss the old man off but I'd already agreed and the other two guys were coming from different parts of the country and I didn't want to upset them, after all they hadn't offended me at all. So I was talking about this with my girlfriend Sarah who knew Harold quite well and she suggested I should do something sexy and outrageous because he was such a morally principled stuck up character with an absolute passion for woman's breasts. I knew all about that, even though dressed respectably he'd try to look down my top and oogle any other woman who was near. Apparently thanks to the Internet he actually spent hours watching titillating videos but then everyone has their little perversions.

Anyhow my girlfriend Louise suggested I wear something really sexy to confuse the old sod and maybe even convince him to changes mind about interfering in the business we were trying to get going. It was fun talking about it but I didn't really have anything to wear that my other girlfriend Louise did. She lent me a sheer blouse and the fabric was thin but with sleeves and a collar it looked very professional. Even afterwards, I can't body well believe I did that.

So later the following morning I drove up to the house and Susie who met me at the door thought I was bonkers but extremely daring. I told her that Harold was being a pain in the arse and my friends thought I should tease him a little. Susie laughed and well understood because he frequently grabbed her tits and otherwise treated her like dirt. I walked into joint Harold and Simon with a folder of papers covering my chest and after a quick hello, Harold went out without noticing. Simon noticed as soon as I put my papers down and was genuinely stoked but he didn't particularly care beyond enjoying the view.

Peter came in a couple of minutes later and had a similar reaction then we chatted about how Harold was going to react. By the time Harold returned, the three of us were already too get down to business and I had my papers neatly laid on the table but I was sitting with my back to Harold as he came back into the room. Peter and Simon were great, they didn't give anything away and it wasn't until I stood up to give my report which sometimes involved meet leaning across the table. Was about 30 seconds Harold's eyes were fixed my boobs and his cigar fell into his lap. I don't think he heard much of what I said then he was distracted by a burning pain on his thigh. His cigar burned a hole right through his trousers.

He managed to keep himself together until we concluded our business which didn't take very long. I was tempted to leave at that point, but the other guys persuaded me to stay for drinks and the bite of lunch so I accepted. Then Harold was all over me even though he knew it was impolite to stare. There he was, a drink in one hand, a cigar sometimes in the corner of his mouth or sometimes in his hand as he hovered uncomfortably close to breathing smoke and whiskey fumes over me. At that point I wasn't so sure was a good idea but Peter and Simon were playing along nicely and distracting him. All the time he'd been staring and trying to control his blood pressure, he hadn't said a word but finally as we sat down to lunch he acknowledged that I had a crack a pair of tits and he wished that I dressed like that more often.

I tried to assure him that it was only because it was such a warm day although in that big house, it was always a little cool and being with Peter and Simon, my nipples really protruded. Normally with lunch Harold has two glasses of whiskey, but this time he had three then I took him to task about changing his mind about our business financing arrangements. He was about lost for words, still absorbed and my breasts and pretending that he was not in the slightest bit interested which was so funny. The other two guys to the side and it seemed he had no clear reason for obstructing us. Then he was called out so he asked me to wait for a couple of hours and talk about it some more.

He left and I went out into the garden with Peter and Simon and we cracked up laughing about his reactions, it was just priceless. Then Peter asked how was that such a normally modest girl like me was suddenly displaying her best assets. I was just to get him flustered then Simon asked it was wearing anything under my skirt. I said it was none of their business but when Peter looked as Simon says "we have to find out", I didn't resist as Simon unzipped the back of my skirt and it fell onto the grass. I guess you realise that I wasn't wearing stitch of underwear and the guys stood back and applauded.

I've got completely in charge although as he walked to the summerhouse, I also discarded my blouse the Simon being a deer carried them for me. They were behaving so much like gentlemen that I had to tell them so. I knew there were both married but that really stopped in one and it was somehow lovely and surreal at the same time being serviced amongst the tropical plants in the summerhouse while the same time talking business and a little gossip. We had plenty of warning that Harold had returned so we dressed ourselves and returned to the house to pick up our earlier conversation and have coffee.

I didn't know where Harold had been and I wasn't going to ask, but he was in a good mood and more so from looking at my tits. Peter and Simon supported me for another half hour before they had to go and I think at that point Harold's mind had been well turned. I think on their way out, they must have said something to Susie because when she came into collect the empty cups, she told me I had a lovely set of knockers. I thanked her for noticing then stood up and jiggled them. Harold's cigar fell out of his mouth again and I said to Susie "but you've got a nice rack as well, are you going to show?" Before she had time to answer I turned to Harold and said "Harold's agreed to support our business deal and as soon as I get that in writing you and I can at least compare."

Susie kept herself fairly well buttoned up when he was around because although he was her boss, is not the kind of guy that any pretty young girl would consider as a lover. Susie agreed and a couple of minutes later Harold signed the contract I'd drawn up. I jumped up and down partly in delight and partly for his pleasure then I helped Susie to release her breasts and we spent 10 minutes playing almost childishly with each other's boobs. Harold was delighted to the extent he set aside his cigar and shuffled over to join us. We let him have a fondle and he reverted to being a small child. It would have been nicer for us if you just shaved, but after being mauled we told him that his treat time was over.

He became a good boy, Susie and I ran off to her room where we fell on the bed laughing about what we just done. Neither of us are gay, but we were a bit too non-so we had a kiss and a cuddle then gave each other a nice little orgasm before I dressed and left. As soon as I got in my car, I called James and gave him good news and drove home reflecting on my interesting day out. Sarah was home and wanted to know all the details but I gave her a carefully edited account and she knew me well enough that she didn't believe me, but still I left her guessing.

Next morning I was awake early thinking about sex and my self-image. I've always seen myself as being fairly easy-going and in some ways another plain Jayne who enjoyed sex when it happened, but even with James it was seldom more than once a week and I certainly didn't try to act sexy. I'd slept naked and as I'd heard Sarah going out that I had the house to myself so I walked out naked into the kitchen and there was Kenneth, Sarah's on and off again boyfriend. I could have turned and fled but he had already seen me so I simply ignored the fact that I was naked and asked if he had any suggestions for me to change my appearance. He looked me up and down couple times then suggested a haircut, some slightly different make up and clothing perhaps with some nice shoes.

He just had a towel wrapped around himself and the conversation was serious because appearance this is business and he regularly gives celebrities makeovers. He repeated the comment that he was delighted to see me being much more relaxed about my body and having just made coffee, I followed him back into Sarah's room continuing our conversation. He had me pose and then put on a pair of Sarah's high heels and walk up and down then he had me stand still and stand up taller. I wasn't sure about that so he held me and got me to talk my hips this much yes, and extend my head up. My whole body felt a little bit lighter, it was nice and I thought it'd be nice to have sex so I half turned catching his towel that was loose anyhow and dropping it to the floor.

Then I looked up and down and when my eyes beheld his manly appendage, I explained that I knew another good reason why she liked him, besides his good looks and manners letters. It had to happen although I felt a bit guilty afterwards about fucking Sarah's boyfriend in her bed but it really was good fun. Unfortunately we both had things to do that we made a date the following day to begin transforming my appearance.  

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