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Chapters - A Post Argument Dare

After an argument, Hank asked me to date his friend.

Just married, Hank and I were on honeymoon and because he runs his own company, we'd decided on an extended romantic holiday down on the keys where he had some business to attend. Before we got married we never argued about anything, but over the past 12 days we found something to argue about almost every day and yesterday he organised a business meeting which lasted all day. That annoyed me because we'd arranged to go scuba diving so I guess I left the hotel feeling a bit upset. So while he was doing business I went swimming and had a pleasant afternoon by myself. But when I got back, he and a couple of business associates  were having a few beers.

I joined them and after a few drinks I was feeling much better. After all I'd had a nice time on the beach but then in front of his friends he told me that he had an important client coming to see him meaning we'd have to cancel our intended night out. I was really annoyed, here I was with a man I adored changing our carefully planned program twice in one day. While we argued, his friends waited outside and when I knew there was nothing I could do to change his mind and he saw my disappointment, he suggested I should go out with his friends because his meeting with probably go fairly late.

Part of me wanted to stay in the hotel and sulk, but that seemed pretty stupid so I figured that I might as well go with these two guys. Hank and I put our differences aside, the guys came back in and while they were drinking beer, I had several martinis and began feeling pretty good. I was about to go on a date, a mysterious date with my husband's friends who I didn't really know but I must admit they were rather handsome and even more so once I'd had a couple more drinks. As their meeting was coming to a close, (they were talking business) I went to get changed and decided that since Hank had so annoyed me, I'd wear something provocative to make him jealous. Aided by alcohol, I was feeling pretty good wearing a sheer long sleeve top and a mini skirt but I didn't tell Hank that I wasn't wearing knickers.

I couldn't believe that Hank let me go out dressed like that and I think is friends couldn't believe it either. But a few minutes later I was sitting between them on the seat of their pickup truck and they started telling jokes. We'd intended going to a restaurant and I guess on that point, Hank thought that I'd be fairly safe. Anyhow the guys wanted to stop into their place on the way which was fine by me so we stopped and went in. While Max took a shower, Brad made us some drinks and asked me to put some music on. I put on the first CD I touched which was some cool jazz then I had a drink in my hand and my god it was strong. Brad was telling me how hot I looked and he couldn't believe that Hank is let me go out dressed like that unless he wanted me to get fucked. I laughed a bit nervously at that prospect that had crossed my mind then he was telling me how hot I looked as he put his hand under my top and squeezed my boobs. I tried to act a bit more surprised than I was but I made no effort to stop him as he had a very nice touch. Moments later he had my top off and we started making out.

I couldn't believe it was happening, here I was just married and making out with my husband's friend/business associate. Initially I think I was a bit hesitant but then he was sliding my skirt down and calling out to Max that I wasn't wearing knickers and how hot I looked naked. Next thing I remember I was pushing Brad's shirt off as Max came in with a towel around his middle. The two guys talked about our beautiful and how hot my body was and I guess I lapped that up, it's so nice to be showered with praise and admiration. I had enough awareness to ask the guys to put my clothes where they wouldn't get trodden on then I was undergoing Brad's pants.

As I slid them down, I liked what I saw so much I had to have a taste. He'd been circumcised and tasted good but it was too thick to takedown and Max was fingering me. At this point I realised Hank must've wanted me to do this and yet I couldn't believe I was, I thought marriage was about fidelity and total possession. Then as I was enjoying sucking Brad's big cock, Max started fucking me from behind and I couldn't believe that I felt so good. Like I'd done a few things like this during spring break thinking they were just a once-in-a-lifetime events.

I can't tell you all the detail though I can assure you I was very happy and when they'd finished taking turns with me, they still intended taking me to dinner. By then of course I was kinda floating and could hardly think for myself. But after a shower and putting my clothes on we went out and the restaurant was full so we sat at the bar for a while and like you know those barstools, they're not designed for girls in miniskirts so I had my ass on view. At first I was a bit annoyed and wished that I'd worn a longer skirt as passing guys stroked my butt and commented, but Brad encouraged them and I felt like public property. I was relieved that I wasn't the only girl with my body on show and after another drink it all felt perfectly natural to be groped in public by passing strangers although they all seemed to know each other, I was the outsider.

The dinner when it happened was nice, we sat with another couple. Candace was the same age as me wearing a front panel mini dress showing lots of side boob. Like me, when we were chatting at the bar she got groped and her boyfriend Tony not only approved, he'd groped me as well. As we ate, attention shifted from us girls as they talked local politics and business. It was only then that I got a chance to talk to Candace who was a real estate agent. We quickly got past the gossip and started talking about having good sex, ways to get nervous men to last the distance and multiple partners. Then she told me about meeting Max and Brad almost a year ago and both of them fucking her so I told her all about my experience earlier that evening and we shared some insightful observations about Brad's thick and slightly bent cock.

We finished eating and went back to the bar where there was talk of a party and I was introduced to a few more people, acquaintances and friends of my newfound friends. Candace knew them well and the conversation got a bit more sexy. When a couple of strange guys paused to look us girls over and comment, Tony popped Candace's tits out and invited them to have a feel. The way it happened was really funny and Candace played along by giving them a good jiggle. Another woman with us wore a transparent dress so you could see her underwear. The guy she was with raved about how great my tits were and pressed her to lose her underwear. All the guys and another couple of girls dared her and then applauded when her bra came off. Her boobs were much bigger than mine and after some teasing we all went to someone's place where I felt happy and satisfied.

Someone put a drink in my hand and I started dancing with Angie in the transparent dress and another couple of girls who were slightly better covered. In some ways that was nice because I was having a break from the guys. It was also interesting because Candace was sitting on some guy's lap and he was undressing her while two guys were making out with a girl on the other side of the room. I don't know what the guys were talking about, but I was starting to get turned on again. I'm not sure if it was the way that Angie moved her body and bounced her boobs or the fact that my skirt kept riding up and the guys kept throwing me complimentary and encouraging remarks?

All this was taking place in a big living room with a bar in one corner and it must have been near to midnight. Max and another guy joined in the dancing and we were all amused as he started hitting on a more modestly dressed girl and in the space of a few minutes had her naked. I almost felt jealous as I watched them walk away and start seriously making out, but I was distracted by a couple more guys wanting my attention. At that point almost all the guys joined in and from there clothes flew in all directions and for the next few hours guys just kept fucking me one after the other.

I'm not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate, right or wrong, it was such outrageous fun at being so totally and continuously fucked that no morality seemed to apply. Soon after sunrise the guys took me back to our hotel where Hank was still asleep but it was strange because I felt so amazing, my entire body tingled in pleasure and aliveness. I didn't want to wake Hank so I took a shower and washed away the sex then when I walked back into the room, there were a few small signs that he'd had female company. I leaned over him and sniffed, but he smelled of having had a recent shower at which point he woke up. From there he grabbed my tits, pulled me into bed and after a really nice fuck I felt as if I was a honeymoon.

"The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless." Alan Watts  


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