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Finding the right balance in life is always a challenge and sex is often what makes it all worthwhile or sooths the soul when done well.

As kids we were all taught that sex was something dirty, we shouldn't masturbate or look at naked pictures of other people. But the adults around us or did that so why was there a set of rules different from when applied to teenagers growing up?

Most of us but those rules and most boys masturbated regularly although when they had a crush on someone, they may have been doing it several times a day. But the boys, sex is a primary goal in life so what about girls?

Because we live in a patriarchal society and women's lives are more controlled, girls face a lot of pressure to be good, not to let boys touch them down there and unfortunately a great many by the time they discover the joy of sex, their life is almost over in part because they haven't known how to look after themselves.

Some of these stories are written by women for woman and they talk about their joy, their capacity for sex and the situations that they have found themselves in that parents and society would disapprove of.

We know that life balance is achieved by having a little of everything in moderation and that must include sex. These stories would give you a new perspective on life, sex and having fun.  

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 An Arizona Life
 Brother Love
 Hank and I
 Love Story # 1
 Our EU Holiday
 Sexy outfit
 Sperm Test
 Super Woman
 Sister Love
 Zealandia Rising
 Zoe's Holiday
 Weinstein moments
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