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Chapters - Miss Secretary

Fun at the office.

I woke up thinking about this really hot guy and then I remembered that I'd been without a boyfriend for an entire week after breaking up with Steve. But this guy, I didn't even know his name seemed just right for me.

He'd been in my regular lunchtime café for the past three days and I thought it was time I did something about it. I took extra care and although I never realised at the time, I dressed far more sexily than I usually did for work. Usually, my skirts almost come to my knees, but today I put on a much shorter skirt. I knew the day was going to be warm so I put on a cotton top that buttoned down the front and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I really hoped that I looked okay to him.

As I was leaving my building, the service manager seemed unusually cheerful as he said good morning and then I got a few whistles from men as I walked down the street. I hoped that I hadn't overdone it and even entertained the thought of going home to change but that would have made me late for work.

I had my bum pinched a few times on the subway, but that quite often happens and I had to push away a couple of hands that found their way under my skirt. When I arrived in the office, my girlfriends said I was looking hot and I replied that I was hoping to find a replacement for Steve. We laughed and they were supportive, but the men were a bit more crude. They were taking liberties to perve at my tits when I leaned forwards and a few fondled my arse.

I wasn't to put out by their behaviour and actually teased them a bit. Then later in the morning I had to interview a new client who was all eyes. I almost felt sorry for him when I got him to sign up for a more expensive package that he was asking for. My boss was appreciative and suggested that I should dress like that all the time and if I did, there'd be bonuses for me. Before I left his office, he asked me to walk up and down, said I was a compliment to the company and asked me to do another interview after lunch.

I went to lunch a few minutes early and I was disappointed that he, that nice looking guy wasn't there, but then another guy offered to buy me lunch. I'd seen him there before although we'd never spoken. This café is popular with everyone in the surrounding buildings. Anyhow, I said no thanks, ordered a glass of wine and placed my lunch order. Another guy tried to hit on me and I was relieved when one of the girls in the office joined me. We chatted, lunch arrived and I was becoming anxious that this guy hadn't arrived although I realise I had no reason to expect that he'd be there every day.

I'd finished my lunch when he came in with a couple. The three of them were handsomely dressed and she was scorching hot. I observed them discreetly and figured that my guy was by himself and the other two were a couple, but I doubted myself.

I felt almost desperate and I pointed him out to my girlfriend and complained that I'd love to meet that guy but wasn't sure how to go about it. She was sympathetic and said that I needed to find someone to introduce me. They were sitting at the bar, so I stood beside them and ordered another glass of wine even though one was my limit for lunch.

They were talking business and as I turned to leave, the girl my eyes met and I think she understood. I returned to my table feeling a little forlorn. Then my friend was wanting to go back to work and I thought I should go as well, but first I went to the bathroom and I was just about to leave when she came in.

I smiled and said hello, she coolly returned my greeting and I blurted out that she and two men friends with the hottest looking people in the café. She smiled and said that they were only dressed up for a work function, but then she said that I looked really hot. Then before I had time to say anything, she stepped in close and gave me this incredibly sweet kiss.

Then she said that she really had to pee and she left me standing weak kneed as she asked my name and lifted her skirt and sat to pee. She left the door open so I told her my name then turned to face myself in the mirror. We chatted about where we worked then she came and stood beside me and asked me which guy I fancied as they were both available. But before I could answer, she said that she was also available as her hand reached under my skirt and grabbed my arse.

I jumped and laughed nervously, but I guess she realised that I wasn't into chicks and she removed her hand. I identified the guy and she said that he was really sweet in a weird kind of way, but she would introduce me but as he liked girls with jiggly tits I should take my bra off.

I protested because I had to go back to work and I had a meeting with an important client, but despite my protest she was helping me out of my bra. I stuffed it into my purse, followed her out and she introduced me to the two guys. They were polite, but I was clearly a distraction from their subject, so I excused myself and hurried back to work. I was a couple of minutes late, so I hurried into the boss's office to get the file on the client he wanted me to interview.

He spent as much time staring at my tits as he did briefing me and making sure I had the right paperwork and being clear on what I had to do. Then his secretary called to say the guy was waiting. The boss said that I looked fantastic, to go and to do whatever it took to get a good deal. Then he introduced us and then left me to it. It was a hard sell even though he got an eyeful of my tits each time I leaned forwards. To clinch the deal, he wanted to take me to dinner but I agreed to meet him for a drink after work.

The rest of the afternoon flew by as I completed all the paperwork associated with the two deals I'd made. One of the guys bought me a cup of coffee and a few of them made excuses to come in for a perve. Then the boss came in and when we'd summarised the day's work, I realised I had to hurry for my date.

I got lots of smiles from the guys as I hurried down the street as well as a few hostile looks from some of the women and thought I should join the "free the nipple campaign". Anyhow he was waiting for me and his mood was very flirtatious. After a drink in the front bar we went back and shot some pool. Maybe it was the drink, but suddenly I was enjoying myself and I provocatively leaned over the table in line with some of his shots. But I only put him off once.

He won the first game and I won the second and then as I was breaking for the third, he grabbed my pussy which totally screwed up my shot but funnily I put a ball down and joked that it served him right. Some of the guys playing nearby were also keeping their eye on me and commenting that I had nice tits. Right after the break as I went to take my second shot, someone commented that I had a nice arse and blow me, this guy lifted my skirt right up and a few of the guys cheered.

I didn't know whether to be angry and offended or what, but surprisingly I put another ball down and I smugly said that it would take more than that put me off. I paused to take another drink only because he passed me my glass and I berated them that they should all be wearing skirts and not just picking on the women. We all laughed and I guess by that stage I was a little drunk, I missed my next shot.

Then some guys were betting money on the game and a girl who'd been watching whispered that I could use my tits to better advantage. I asked how and before had time to understand, she'd undone the buttons my top and tied the ends across under my boobs like I'd done at the beach a few times. Standing up I was fairly decent, but when I leaned over to take my neck shot, my boobs swung completely free.

I lost that shot as well, so I leaned over the table in line with his shot and put him off which made everyone laugh and a few guys gave me a hard time for being so easily distracted, but then I won the game although I didn't see which way the money went. Then the guy I was with had to go. I was so disappointed because I thought since he'd got me this drunk, he'd have to fuck me and for a moment I felt like I was at a loose end, but then all the guys want to play with me.

Two games and a couple of drinks later, someone was getting inside my knickers and I knew it was time to go, but one of the guys was insistent on taking me home and as soon as we got there, of course we had sex. As soon as he'd gone, I puked, drank lots of water and crashed. I felt worse for wear the next morning and dressed sensibly. The office staff expressed their disappointment and gave me a bit of a hard time before we settled down to work.

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