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Chapters - Sisters Brotherly Love

  Hey, I've been bottling this story up for years and figure I have to tell someone otherwise am going to go mad on and up having to waste money visiting shrinks. My sister Marti is two years older than me and incredibly good looking. She's bright, good at school and she has mum and dad securely wrapped around her little finger. When I was 10 years old and starting to have wet dreams, she was 12 and beginning to do weekend sleepovers with her friends and sometimes of course, she'd have three or four girls staying in her room.

Even though I was starting to notice girls and react to them, they were still pretty stupid so I thought but by the time I was 11, my attitude began to shift especially when I saw Marti naked or as good as being naked in the pool and guys chasing her. But it was all harmless fun and a good laugh if her bikini came off although she got her revenge at the beach once and pulled my shorts down and I had to run naked from the waves. Thankfully my shorts soon reappeared and then that night in our motel, mum and dad had gone out and Marti was supposed to be looking after me.

Well, we had to share a room of course because mum and dad weren't rich and during the evening she told me it was time to go to bed but I didn't want to go so we kinda wrestled for a couple of minutes which was really good fun until she pulled my pants off. Initially I was embarrassed but then she teased me and then I got my revenge. We were both naked and I got a stiffy. It was kind of too interesting to be embarrassed and then I grabbed her pussy telling her that's when my cock is meant to go. I expected her to push me away but instead she just stood there and said "I am glad your hands are warm." I wasn't quite sure what to do and next thing she was holding my hand against her and sliding her pussy over my fingers then saying this time I knew all about female anatomy.

I couldn't believe it, here was my own sister letting me touch her pussy. Then she sat on the couch and opened her legs wide inviting me to have a closer look. By then I'd seen a few porn films and I must admit being given a personal tour of her pussy and then being taught how to touch, rub, lick and suck almost blew my teeny-weeny brain although something my body was telling me a different story because my wee cock was straining to grow larger. Amazingly I got her off and when she come I thought she was going to crush me between her thighs but then she was ever so sweet and nice. She took her top off and got completely naked, told me I was sweet and pushed me onto the couch and gave me my first ever blow job.

Compared to the wet dreams I've been having, that was amazing. After I come in her mouth my wee cock just stayed hard so she rolled on the floor pulling me on top and got me to fuck her. I was stoked but she was careful to tidy up and then she jumped into bed with me and we started kissing and making out. That included another lesson in playing with her tits and I guess because I liked her and we got on pretty well I was content to follow her lead. We were still awake and kind of shushed each other when we heard mum and dad come in then mum opened the door to check on us. Marti looked up and said that she was giving me a cuddle because I just woken up with a strange dream. Mum come over, kissed us good night and told Marti not to stay too long in my bed.

Over the last few days of our holiday we had a few moments of privacy where we kissed and fondled each other at the hardest thing for me was watching her make out with another couple of boys and then on the last day she introduced me to a girl then whispered that I should try out touching her the way she'd taught me. Amazingly, this girl who I think was a year older than me was really into being felt up but there was to many other kids around to try and have sex in the water. That evening quite a few families got together and when dinner was almost over, Marti grabbed me and we ran down some trees weather was a group of kids mucking about including the girl I'd been mucking about with. Kids kind of paired off into the bushes leaving me in this girl so we quickly found a private spot and fucked.

Next morning we had the long drive home and at one time mum had gone to sleep in dad was focused on driving. For a while Marti just leaned across and rested her head on my thigh, but next thing she was giving me a blow job with mum and dad right there in the front of the car. They never noticed and on the last leg of the drive home, mum drove and dad fell asleep in the passenger seat so Marti grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. It took a long time, but I finally made her come. When we got home, dad decided to leave the unpacking 'til the morning so he and Mum went to bed. Marti and I had both slept some of the way so soon as mum and dad were asleep she jumped into bed and we had a nice fuck.

That was the beginning of the intensification of our friendship and we used to have sex three or four times a week. I didn't know it at the time, but mum had given her contraception. We spent a lot of time talking about sex, flirting and there were a few times when we almost got caught by our parents. One afternoon not long after I turned 12, we went to a very boring party and the girl who's party it was was the same age as Marti and nice looking. She had a a few boys chasing her but there was a game on which was more important to them and in some ways, I thought I should have been watching the game as well just to have something to talk about.

The party kind of fizzled out about 10 p.m. and because the girls parents had friends visiting as well, Dira decided to come back to our house because our parents were out as they often were. We were just leaving when another boy who kinda fancied Marti turned up and came home with us. Almost as soon as we were inside I took Dira to bed and Marti disappeared somewhere with the other boy. Dira was gorgeous and I really enjoyed fucking her but she couldn't stay late and after she'd gone I peeked into Marti's room where she was being fucked by this boy. Then mum and dad came home so I caught a brief warning two Marti and jumped into my bed.

After that night, I started to get something of a reputation with girls a couple of years older than me and it was Marti who organised them, sometimes bringing them home and sometimes just getting me invited to their parties. But one party I went to was terrible because there were lots of older guys there and I had to watch as Marti and a couple other girls I liked visually got taken out of my hands and fucked. A few days later, a similar thing happened except one of the girls I liked it to boyfriend and came spend time with me. There was also one time when I was grounded, I was 14 by then and dad was pissed at me because I hadn't done some chores he'd set for me. It wasn't so much that, it's just that I argued with him. He had to go out that mum was home and like she was asleep by 9 p.m. then Marti arrived with a girlfriend who was only 12 the dressed up to look like 20. After checking mum was still sound asleep, they came into my room and started flirting, the girl was a bit shy but with Marti's help I stripped her and fucked her. Then she fell totally in love with me which was a bit of a pain in some ways but she was a nice lover who enjoyed Marti watching and sometimes joining in.

I never particularly thought much about being fortunate that perhaps I had some sixth sense that I never really talked about to anyone I think the girls blabbed because by the time I was 15 I had something of a reputation. All this time I was still having regular sex with Marti and we had numerous close calls as one of us dashed back to our own bed when we heard dad's alarm go off. When we both got an STD we knew we had to be a bit more careful although it's amazing that nothing like that happened sooner. After I was 16 I had a lot more freedom and I was much better built. I was having sex sometimes two or three times a day by which time Marti and I had worked away through the Kama Sutra. She encouraged me to look after my body so I worked out a lot to keep myself strong and a lot more flexible than most guys.

When I was 18 and just about finished high school, Marti was contemplating marriage, an idea that left me feeling a bit distraught. She was sympathetic but we knew our lives had to go on and a few days later she invited me to meet a friend of hers and it turned out to be a foursome with another two very beautiful chicks. At the time I was really into learning self-control and staying hard without ejaculation through self-determination. Marti was helpful in finding that sort of information and then helping me with the exercises. In some ways she was like a pimp for me although many of the women I slept with were often generous to help with my tuition fees. Then mum died in a car crash, Marti and I were distressed enough to go an entire week without sex with anyone or each other. Soon after that dad found a lover which meant he wasn't home is often so Marti and I slept together like husband-and-wife but she still kept bringing home girls for me to fuck then she started pressing me to bring her some interesting men.

I figured that since she'd been doing that for me for so long I really had to man up. I knew a lot of guys that fancied Marti and we set it up so that all those guys were filmed fucking her and would flick through the film the next day discussing the highlights and sometimes the disappointments. But then we'd wipe the film because you don't want to gonna stuff lying around or someone might pick it up and put on the Internet and then we'd be up shit creek. We talked a lot about charging all these guys money, but we didn't want to do the whole escort/prostitution thing and instead we established a small business with me doing the heavy work and Marti doing the administration.

Then she was 30 and I was 28, the business was going well and life was wonderful but then Marti announced she was getting married. I knew to go quite well, it was one of the guys but invited over to fuck her. Dad was delighted and I figured that I had to grit my teeth and deal with it but I knew that Marti would be well looked after. The wedding was nice but not a particularly big affair and during the reception we had a nostalgic fuck in the bathroom. I was banging her up against the wall and we almost got caught, but she fucked two other guys that night besides her new husband and later on I had up in bed with both of her bridesmaids whose boyfriends were too incapacitated by alcohol.

I don't know if there is any right or wrong in this story, we were incredibly happy and I guess we still are because we generally get together once a twice a month for sex and she still sends girls who sometimes knock on the door anytime of night or day. A few of them have been teenage virgins looking for a gentle first-time lover and others have been attractive and older women wanting a taste of something different or even some consolation along with a good fuck. There are lots of girls I could marry, but I'm not particularly interested in settling with any of them even though Marti sometimes tries to encourage me. As of been writing this down, I know this is supposedly antisocial and even illegal behaviour, but it's been harmless fun, no one got hurt. I wouldn't encourage siblings to mate like I did, but I don't think it should be a big issue. The real problem is with siblings who produce children and degrade the gene pool creating physiological problems and brain damage.

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