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Chapters - Tease

From a soon to be released short story collection

Jackie loved to tease. At school she wondered why no one seemed to like her. Despite her good looks, she found herself an outsider. She told a few lies, made it through school and then her family moved south.

She dressed to impress and got a job in a store. Here she was in her element and by showing more cleavage or leg, her sales initially soared and a few of the girls who'd been there longer were envious of her. She dressed for attention and played hard to get and this went on for a couple of months, but her sales dropped as customers preferred to deal with the more experienced staff.

She found her budding friendships sliding away, but then there was the city mardi gras and a customer invited her to join their float. She'd been flirting with her in store and trying to make a sale, but Casy had friends in store and she saw Jackie as meat for the boys.

Jackie was excited to be involved in something big, but she was unaware of her growing reputation in the town. The parade day drew closer and she was shocked at the minimalist outfit, she was going to be almost naked in front of a crowd. Her team members said she'd be okay as she was with them and unbeknownst, one girl was the sister of a guy she'd teased and rejected.

The day arrived, a few drinks calmed her nerves and she enjoyed teasing the crowd, she was in her element. The parade wound down and they arrived at the party for participants and invited guests. Jackie was genuinely excited, and after a few drinks, beginning to get light headed. There was a point when she danced with her team. They were almost all naked, they stripped her and as if on queue, the guys arrived. A few of the girls broke off and began having sex and some guys hit on Jackie. She tried her usual act but the guys had been forewarned, so they held her down and took turns raping her.

Her few cries were only heard by those nearby and ignored as about 20 guys took their turn with her. Eventually one of the older girls came to her rescue, led her to a quieter space and told her that no one liked a tease and that Jackie had a few weeks to sort herself out or she'd loose her job.

It seemed to her that the entire city had conspired. She sobbed as she sat there with blood and sperm dribbling down her legs. Then one of the guys she'd teased found her and gave her some comfort and a line of coke. She felt her body was wrecked, but she allowed herself to be led back into the party where she let her hair down. The party was orgiastic and she let more guys fuck her even though she was almost too numb to feel.

Afterwards, she slept for 48 hours and when she dragged herself into work the next morning, everyone knew and gave her a round of applause. Her boss spoke for everyone when he said they liked her short skirts and low tops, but teasing was not tolerable and he hoped she'd learned her lesson.

Jackie adopted a pose of humility, followed her boss and gave him a blow job. Her work continued pleasantly for weeks before a guy asked for a date. She didn't remember that he'd been one of the guys who'd gang banged her and she settled into a new life somewhat changed.

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