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Chapters - Zoe's Holiday

Fun in the sun.

Next morning was Christmas Day, I took a train back to town, transferred to the airport link and flew to Brisbane. Kevin met me at the airport and I hadn't seen him for six or seven years. I remembered him as a snotty nosed kid with bad manners and he hadn't changed. But he was doing a building apprenticeship and appeared to be looking after himself. When we arrived at his place, a couple of his mates turned up just to check me out I think. They weren't too bright so I kept cool, talked trivia and as soon as they left, Kev chased me around the house wanting sex.

He was mum's brother's kid and I knew that lots of people actually married their cousins, so after a while I let him have his way. We jumped into his bed and it was all over in ten minutes with me less than satisfied. I wasn't particularly annoyed or anything, it was just sex in the moment. But I was getting hungry so I asked what he had to eat. He just pointed me toward the kitchen and told me to help myself. He had fuck all really, a freezer half full of frozen pies so I snacked on a few dry biscuits with vegemite and pickles washed down with a cup of black coffee because he had no milk.

Karen wasn't arriving for a couple of days so I checked into a backpackers and chilled out. I got to know the layout of the town and went for an excursion out to the reef with a boat load of tourists. A couple of days later Karen turned up with her husband Barry, teen age kids Sandy and Alex plus her sister Les, husband Owen and James who was sixteen plus three kids aged six, seven and eight who belonged to another related family. That first night while they sorted themselves out, I stayed in the hostel and Karen picked me up the next morning.

In contrast, I was wearing a simple tank top and miniskirt. When we went back downstairs, Karen almost pleaded with Sandy to put a top on before everyone came into lunch. I helped out, got introduced to all the tribe and spent the rest of the day getting to know the kids. So I was up to my elbows in domestic bliss and a life that mostly revolved around the pool and eating. When we finally got to bed, Sandy was eager to talk about boys and sex which I gotta admit is a subject pretty close to my heart.

Sandy woke me up the next morning, it was still quiet so she dared me to skinny dip in the pool with her. I had to use the bathroom first then we dashed downstairs and had a five minute swim before going up and putting some minimal clothes on. We talked about what to wear and she assured me that topless with a bikini thong was fine. But around the house her mum liked girls to wear a top even if only something to cover one's nipples. So she wore a little bikini top with a mini sarong and when we went down, Karen's sister Les (Leselle) was making breakfast for the kids.

I pitched in and we got along quite nicely until pandemonium broke out as the younger ones argued. Then Alex came in, untied his sisters bikini then laughed as she stood there naked. Karen's husband Barry came in wearing boxer briefs and he laughed at Sandy's misfortune but squeezed her arse. I had plates in each hand so he pecked me on the cheek then goosed me as I put them on the table. Les must've been watching because she told him to behave. It's amazing how much happens in a split-second because I knew Barry and I we were gonna have sex.

Later while I was helping with the barbecue, Les was in the pool with the kids and her bikini top came off. The kids thought it was great fun and made a game of keeping it out of reach. After a minute she got out of the pool and told everyone how horrid those kids were, but her husband assured her that she had a great pair of knockers. Everyone agreed and after that, no one took the slightest notice. Mind you, the bikini that Karen had on didn't leave much to the imagination as when wet, it was totally transparent. In comparison, my bikini seemed fairly modest but probably the almost micro bikini that Sandy wore was the most daring.

Les finally retrieved her top and put it before we ate and then to my horror I was left to look after the younger kids while everyone else went out. I'd much rather have gone with them but the kids were actually okay. After I got the little ones into bed, the teenagers returned and persuaded me to skinny dip with them in the pool. I must admit that after wearing a bikini all day, it was wonderful to be naked and to lay back and look at the stars.

The boys were talking at the other end of the pool. Sandy got into a nice girl to girl conversation and were leaning over the edge of the pool watching the lights around the bay. Every now and again we had to dip ourselves under the water when we heard mosquitoes buzzing around. Then a completely unexpected and very well aimed finger went up inside me. I turned my head to Sandy and asked if she felt something strange? She told me it was a more familiar feeling, like someone had finger inside her pussy.

Neither of us reacted but those fingers didn't stay still, and I must admit whatever they were doing felt pretty damn good. Sandy was having trouble trying to restrain herself so I looked back. The boys were looking very confident and pleased with themselves, then Sandy turned to face her cousin and embraced him. Alex and I exchanged a few words as I let him play then Mike and Sandy got out and started fucking.

I held Alex off for a while but he was insistent then I realised that for some reason I was having an attack of moral or social responsibility because I was supposed to be looking after these kids and not getting fucked by them. Sandy was clearly enjoying herself so I pulled myself out of the pool and let Alex do as he wanted. My indifference didn't last too long because he touched something inside me that just made me want it. So for an hour or more, Sandy and I had our pussies pounded and it sure felt good. Were aer asleep in our own beds when I heard the parents come in. I think everyone except me and the younger kids slept in next morning which meant I had to do the auntie routine and give them breakfast.

Approx 20,000 words and 52 pages by Sasha Wellford

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