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Chapters - Zealandia Rising

A true to life doomsday adventure.

Alice bounced positively out of the cabin to encounter a remarkably sunny mid-morning and she was surprised that she’d slept for so long. Jack smiled and she noted he looked tired, she gave him a big hug and a kiss in the hope that he would ravish her body. But after a night keeping the boat steady, he was almost exhausted. While he appreciated his young companions enthusiasm, he found himself challenged to return her affection.

Prepared as Alice was in understanding his tiredness and lack of responsiveness, masturbation only ever warmed her up for the main event. In deference to their situation, she tried not to allow her body to completely overrule her mind. But being so affected she said, "Perhaps the captain would like a blow job which will relax him enough to have a refreshing sleep?”

She pressed her body against his, slid a hand under his coat that he wore more from habit as the day was warm and directed her fingers to play over his bare skin.

Jack scarcely had time to consider the suggestion and he suddenly saw Alice as a girl far too young for him, yet he recalled their previous intimacies and his excitement grew. He felt her heat and became boyishly eager for what was about to happen. Alice didn’t wait for any reply, she went down on her knees and performed her best oral dedication despite the fact that she could only take half of his penis into her mouth.

After a few minutes she got the feeling that Jack was enjoying it too much and that she would probably get tired before he came. So she stood up, positioned her hands on the wheel house and presented her pussy. Jack was so aroused he needed no further invitation to fuck her, and he was surprised at the way his body came alive. He put all his reserves into that delightful task and occasionally Alice murmured, “Ooohh Jack that’s so good, fuck me Jack, fuck me.”

Keeping one eye on the boat and its relationship with the waves, he let his eyes gaze over her body. He noted how her elbows bent slightly to absorb some of the energy of his thrusts, and how her breasts swung back and forth. He became absorbed as he watched his member slide in and out and wondered how there was so much space inside a woman’s body. He felt the grip of her muscles and how she regularly pressed her hips back to meet his thrusts. He also noted how her anus seemed to relax and contract, and he wondered if that opening was as accommodating as her pussy. Ten minutes passed before he came and went soft.

86570 words by James Rae

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