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There are many instances of sex for money that are not prostitution.

If a man and a woman are dating and she wonít have sex with him unless he buys her something of value, thatís not prostitution. Itís not prostitution because it occurs in the context of a relationship. It is not prostitution in the case of a sex clinic that provides a sexual surrogate as part of a treatment program because sex for money is done in the context of therapy. Thus sex for money is prostitution only in the absence of all other redeeming factors.

When most people think of prostitution, they think of what they see on television. Most people donít have first hand contact with sex workers or escorts and do not understand what they do. On television they show drug addicted street walkers who are beaten by black pimps who control them. This kind of prostitution does occur and the State does have an interest in being involved in that kind of scene. However, this scenario does not even remotely reflect the services provided by escorts and escort services.

Most clients of escort services are regular clients and most of these regular clients use the same escorts every time. Many of them have seen these same escorts over a period of years. When sexual contact occurs with a regular client, they are having sex in the context of a personal relationship. And a relationship can be personal even if it is a paid for relationship. Many people develop personal relationships with people who charge them money for services. Doctors become friends with their patients, but the doctor continues to charge you for her services. You might become personal friends with your lawyer, but you are still paying her to represent you. So the exchange of money for services does not make the service and less personal than a service that is given for free. People have to earn a living and someone who cares about you respects that.

One of the most common services provided by escort services and sex workers are surrogate relationships. It would be nice if we lived in a world where there was someone for everyone and everyone eventually met ďthe right oneĒ and we got married and lived happily ever after. Wouldnít that be nice? But thatís not the reality we live in.

The reality is that there isnít someone for everyone. There are many people in society that are so damn lonely they canít stand it. Many of they people have physical or emotional disabilities that either preclude the possibility of a relationship or reduce the odds to virtually zero. Some people have been so badly burned by relationships that they are not capable of what we call a normal relationship. Some people, such as business executives and politicians, have a lifestyle that is not compatible with traditional family life. Some people have untraditional tastes when it comes to relationships and are looking for experiences that are unusual but legal. Some people have been burned by the divorce courts so bad that they will never marry. We live in a society that is hostile towards marriage and family and there are a lot of people making a lot of money to destroy families. Thus, for many people, traditional family life is not an option/

So what are these people to do? Are they to live their lives without a relationship and without sexual contact? Iím sure that there are several religions that believe that they should. But fortunately we live in a free country where the individual is free from religious oppression and is not subject to the religious beliefs of other peopleís faiths. The State does not compel us to get married in order to have sexual contact. Itís perfectly legal in America to have sex in the context of a relationship. In fact itís perfectly legal to have sex with a total stranger if there isnít any money involved.

In a surrogate relationship, as provided by sex workers and escorts, there may or may not be sexual contact. And if there is sexual contact, itís in the context of a relationship. That relationship is often a very personal relationship that has lasted for years. Many people have had longer relationships with they escorts than other important people in their lives.

Most people would agree, although it isnít universally true, that a traditional relationship is better that a paid for surrogate relationship. However, most people would also agree that a surrogate relationship is better than no relationship at all. If a person looses a leg they get an artificial (or surrogate) leg. The artificial leg isnít as good as the original leg but itís better than nothing. At least the person can continue to walk.

For those who can not have a normal relationship, escort services and sex workers provide a valuable service to society by providing surrogate relationships to people who would otherwise have none at all. As I have already previously stated, sex is an essential element in the individuals well being. We as humans have a strong instinctive need to have relationships and sexual contact and that desire doesnít go away because a person is physically or emotionally incapacitated.

When surrogate relationships arenít available, the individuals are driven by instinct and human nature to find whatever human contact they can. This often results in violence, stalking, rape, or a lot of unsocial behaviour. It becomes an issue similar to a starving man stealing a loaf of bread. If we feed the hungry, we eliminate hunger related crimes. Surrogate relationships fulfill needs that prevent or reduce criminal activity resulting from needs not being met. When an individual is using surrogate relationships, they need not resort to patronizing prostitution. Escorts services therefore reduce prostitution by providing surrogate relationships. I believe that even though incidences of prostitution occur in the escort business, that the net result is an overall decrease in prostitution.

Although escort services do business with people passing through town on a one time basis, most of an escort serviceís business is regular customers who have established relationships with a particular escort. If sexual contact is involved, it is not the cold anonymous sex as depicted on television. Regulars have established a relationship with their escorts and if sexual contact occurs, itís personal contact in the context of the surrogate relationship. And sexual contact in the context of a long term surrogate relationship with a regular client is not what the legislature intended to prevent when they wrote the laws on prostitution. If this were prostitution, then a man who marries a woman for her money would be a prostitute. And I donít think that any prosecutor is ready to go there!

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 Sex for Money

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