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Some say the world's oldest profession but it's another way of getting one's needs met. Our directory has closed and for some titilating reading, check out Chapters.

Some say escorting is all about exploiting women, but these days there are many male sex workers and all to often service is not great unless there's some emotive connection.

As so often when economies fail, women with few brains and a good body take to escorting in order to make ends meet or to escape a life of drudgery.

While many disapprove, sex is fun and sometime paying for it is a fair exchange. There is nothing wrong with hiring an escort or paying for sex if thatís what you want to spend your money on. If somebody tells you they bought sex, that doesnít mean theyíre ugly or insecure or have some sort of problem.

Think of it like cooking. Iím sure you probably can cook, but can you cook *everything* you might want to eat? Or do you pay for the super fancy stuff and treat yourself?  Ass is the same way. Iím sure you can pick up regular ass, but if you want a treat, ainít nothing wrong with shelling out the money for it.

If you're an escort or sex worker who's landed here, tell us your story.

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