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You may only think the pleasure of food, yet taste and smell are closely interrelated and is texture or touch and appearance.

There is no doubt that pleasureThere is no doubt that food is a smorgasbord of sensations from the moist softness of rice, the slightly drier texture of potatoes to the squishyness of meat or the delight of the mango. In fact it is rather difficult to separate taste from texture in relation to the foods we eat.

But some of us eat to survive and therefore our taste and our desires for different foods are shaped toward what is wholesome and filling. There is a preference for unprocessed whole foods that will sustain the body for long periods of activity and often an avoidance of meat.

Yet some people eat for taste alone and will go to extra ordinary lengths to satisfy their tastebuds without consideration of what is healthy or unhealthy. Here the dark consists of sweets and processed foods that are designed to appeal to people's tastebuds and consequently, they are often very addictive.

In relation to food and the way we shape our desires as to what we wish to eat, we must address the issue of Karma which is otherwise known as cause and effect.

Most of us learn and still that there is a difference between healthy food and unhealthy food. Many people of course set out to follow a healthy option yet what we consider as unhealthy food, the processed and sweet becomes a temptation that's very hard to resist.

In fact many of us were bought up where we were persuaded to eat what was good for us in order to be rewarded with something sweet and delightful, but not necessarily good for us. This is established an attitude about food and life in general that we should do what we can to be healthy, but we also deserve a sweet reward.

There is no doubt that sweet and processed foods lead to diabetes and many other health complications, yet people who favour a diet centred on what really is unhealthy are usually very reluctant to make any healthy changes.  


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