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I'm writing to you simply because I have to tell someone the story and because it appeals to to a suppressed side of my character I hope that you publish it.

One of my auntie's who was a real uptight bitch recently died of cancer but I got roped into helping fundraise for the Cancer Society. We were to be working in pairs going door-to-door and pleading with homeowners for money or better still regular monthly donations. Picture me if you will, I am 5 foot 6 with shoulder length dark hair ample boobs but otherwise fairly slim. Because I was canvassing in a better class neighbourhood and it was supposed to be a stinking hot day and the guy I was expecting to be with was rather nice and I guess in some ways I fancied him, I put on a nice light summer dress showing a fair amount of cleavage and bright glossy red lipstick.

So I arrived at our meeting place in the coordinator turned up to deliver my name badge and paraphernalia but she advised that my partner had cancelled for some reason. She looked me up and down and suggested I should do really well. So, I set out and I must've knocked on twenty doors before it got a regular donation but some people were rather rude and a few were nice. I was getting hot and thirsty to the point I was thinking about quitting but instead are kept on going. One lady gave me a hundred dollars donation and the next door I knocked on the gorgeous looking young man opened the door except he was totally nude.

I was so startled that I actually squealed in surprise and felt so embarrassed and before I could recover myself, he was asking if I was from the Cancer Society. Of course it was obvious, I was holding a big Cancer Society bag and had my official name tag pinned over my left boob. I tried to ignore his nakedness and began my sales pitch that he listened to politely but several times my eyes went to his cock and I couldn't believe I was doing this.

But we talked and he seemed interested and then I was able to focus and as I explained how the plan worked, I couldn't help noticing he had nice eyes a nice face and a nice smile. Changing the subject is said that he was brave opening the door in the buff like that and he replied that people did it all the time. I protested that he was my first encounter and he joked that I need to spend more time in his neighbourhood but usually it was the girls who answered the door in that condition. At that point I was holding my clipboard up so I couldn't see his cock but then he was inviting me in so I could put my paperwork on the hallway table and explain the paperwork with him.

He held the door open and as as I stepped through, my hand bumped his cock and a shock-wave went through my body. I apologised and he said there was nothing to apologise for then I tried to be businesslike, I put my clipboard down on the table and half turned to face him. He told me I was very pretty and he wished that all the people who came knocking for things were as attractive as me. Even though it felt nice to be complimented I tried to brush it aside and when I leaned over he told me I had a nice arse to. I laughed and told him to pay attention then as he started filling out the form I stepped back a little to observe his nice arse and I don't know what came over me, I pinched his bum and said that he had a nice one to.

He said thanks and laughed then he asked a question and has a turned to look, my boom rubbed across his arm and I realised that his nakedness wasn't at all offensive, in fact it was very refreshing. As we finished the paperwork and I think he was getting me to help more than necessary, he looked at my boobs and said that I had a nice rack I just laughed and told him he was being naughty. Then he said I looked a bit hot and offered me a drink. I admitted I was a bit hot and accepted his offer so he invited me through the kitchen and I followed that nice looking body.

I watched him bend over to get a bottle of soft drink from the fridge and I was standing far too close so we almost collided as he stood up. We laughed and said that he loved my lipstick and that made me look really sexy. I tried to downplay his comment that somehow it made me feel good and with what I thought was a soft drink in my hand he asked me how I'd been getting on. So I told him matter-of-factly and he suggested that many of the local people in this area would be out at this time of day which I guess was true because of knocked on quite a few doors and no one had opened.

Then he was inviting me for a swim which was why he was dressed like that so I protested that I couldn't and then I was looking at his cock. He asked if I liked what I saw and apologised for looking but he said that he was happy for me to look as the only way that most people got to see naked bodies was on the Internet or an art galleries and museums. I didn't get that and asked what he meant so he explained that the human body had been largely sanitised and said that if a man walked naked down the street would probably be arrested but if you put a naked statue of a man on the street, it would be looked at as a work of art. Therefore why not enjoy looking at the original instead of a manufactured copy?

Then he was inviting me to get naked and swim in the pool. I protested that I couldn't possibly do that because I had a job to do, but he pointed out I was hot and not likely to have much more success. I could hear voices from somewhere outside but they didn't register but I could feel myself giving in after a couple of minutes playful argument I was asking for another drink and when he handed it to me, he unzipped the back of my dress.

I protested but he said that he wanted to see me as an original work of art and stepped away from him but he followed and unsnapped my bra I turned to face him and told him again that he was being naughty but I didn't try and restore my dress. I knew then that I was going swimming and I certainly wanted that cock. I looked down at it and said that I'd never seen any that big on works of art. He laughed and look down for a moment before meeting my eyes and said that he couldn't help it, he was born that way as I was well blessed with big boobs. With the back of my dress open and my bra and done, my nipples were almost showing so he asked me to take it off.

I said I couldn't possibly do that so he stepped up to me, took my drink from my hand and put it on the table before sliding my shoulder straps down and there I was almost naked but for my tiny pair of knickers. He told me I was it a full and pulled me against him making my breasts squish against his chest and his cock press against my leg. I told him he was a bad influence and he said there was beautiful and should enjoy this opportunity to be all natural.

He was taller than me and as I half pulled away and turned to pick up my drink, he squeezed my arse and told me how nice it was. I just laughed and put my drink to my lips and as I swallowed, he pulled my knickers right down and when he stood up his cock was much firmer that it poked me. I looked down and took hold of it declaring that it looked dangerous. He was half hard but already it was 8 inches long so I told him that it was way too big for me.

I knew I wanted it and I couldn't let go of it, next moment he was rubbing my tits, squeezing my nipples and then rubbing my clit. It was ever so nice then he told me to get on the table. I turned and leaned against it but then he lifted me up and pushed me back before putting his mouth to my pussy. The combination of a hot day having dress myself up for someone that didn't turn up then meeting this guy affected my sensibility on no virgin, but I usually make guys work much harder before I give in. His lips, teeth and tongue performed miracles and all I could do was lay there playing with my own tits. He made me come and then I just wanted him, I didn't care that he looked too big and then he stood as if he knew what I wanted and teased my pussy with the tip of his cock.

Her felt so fucking nice I forgot my fears and anxieties although thankfully I was on the pill. After a couple of minutes I couldn't believe that he was inside me to his full depth and I felt so fantastic that I didn't want him to stop. He must be getting close to coming because he asked my preference whether or not those like him to come inside me, squirt all over me or take it in my mouth? I just told him to do what he wanted to do and then he was talking to someone. I thought we were alone whoever it was laughed and said that the pool party had just taken on a new dimension. They are two that was and he said just a friend, but then I was getting so fucking hot in so close to an amazing orgasm I just shut up and enjoyed it. The climax was everything a climax should be and I love the sensation of him coming up inside me then I had to sit up and press my body against his keeping my legs wrapped around his hips as his thrusting became soft stroking.

We exchanged quite a few compliments and then I went down on him in appreciation for a while. We agreed that we are both needed a drink after that so while he fixed drinks, I used the bathroom but even when I came out, I was still leaking a little bit. I told him that he must have squirted lots of come up inside me because I was still leaking so he rubbed it all over me and then licked his fingers then lifted off my tits. We hadn't yet introduced ourselves other than me saying I was Kate from the Cancer Society when he first opened the door. He we were, I just been ever so nicely fucked and hero was talking about sexual preferences and fantasies with a man whose name I didn't know although it didn't matter at the time. One of his fantasies was to try anal sex and I said there was no way a cock like his would ever go up such a little arse like mine and he said that it was just a matter of training.

We joked about it and then he got me to bend over put his fingers in my pussy and then poked one up my arse. He asked how it felt and actually it didn't feel like anything much so he kept on finger fucking my arse and it didn't feel too bad actually. Then he told me to stay there which was easy enough then half a minute later he was telling me to relax and try this. I had no idea what this was my butt hole guess I resisted a little bit and he was telling me to relax and resist the urge to squeeze and push. Somehow I did and something quite long went up my back passage that he told me to stand up and resist the urge to push out. I asked what was he said that since the period he had like a small cell phone in his hand and next moment my butt was vibrating.

It was delightfully sexy, tickly and funny so much so that I started rubbing my clit. I told him I was enjoying and he was getting hard again. I tried to ignore the vibrating thing in my butt and started giving him some head although I gotta admit I was incredibly turned on and kept rubbing my clit. After a few minutes he sank to the floor, lay on his back and invited me to take a ride. I felt around to trying get that thing out of mind that the couldn't find any string so I asked how it came out. He told me to ignore it and he'd get it out later. I said that I couldn't fucking were fed up with but he insisted I could and so I tried

Once I got his cock up inside me I hardly noticed the but plug and when I said something to him about it he said woman was surprisingly big in there because after all they had babies and they were not small when they came out. I must've been enjoying herself for a good five minutes or when a guy walked in and my lover said "hi limpet, grab yourself some arse but take the plug out first." That comment went right over my head and I wasn't about to stop what I was doing. I smiled at the naked guy briefly and told my lover that I thought we were all alone. He said he had some friends over then this other guy was filling with my arse. I asked what he was doing but I felt and take the plug out and it felt like you had so much room in there.

But then the other guy, limpet put his finger inside and the exclaimed that I wasn't ready to be double penetrated that my lover guy to just relax and go with the flow. What I was doing felt so good, I didn't want to stop and I think he said not to worry because limpet had a little prick. He must have been experienced because he applied some lube and next moment his cock went into my butt hole and it wasn't unpleasant. I've seen porn episodes where one guy pulls out the other guy pushes in, but amazingly I was able to continue sliding up and down that nice big cock and the little one in my butt hole was interesting.

So I just got into it I guess I must make it a bit like a porn star or perhaps a girl that's on the edge of something wonderful and just wants that little bit more so I guess I was really working for a and made myself come couple of times before limpet pulled out and squirted up over my back and suddenly I felt the exhausted rolled onto my back fucking continued and it was nice soft slow and deep

Must have been ten minutes passed before I was pulled to my feet, tossed over her shoulder and I was carried shrieking with laughter and thrown in the pool. When I surfaced there were six of the guys in a couple lifted me up onto the side of the pool where one of them put his mouth to my pussy and another shoved his cock in my mouth. It was so perverse and decadent and wrong, I thought I should be protesting and screaming for help, but it was so damn nice I became totally complicit. For the next few hours my pussy, my butt hole in my mouth got well fucked and sometimes there were a few moments of discomfort while I was being penetrated, there was no real pain in those moments of discomfort soon turned into pleasure.

Afterwards the guys ordered in a really nice dinner and one of them drove me home. I couldn't believe I'd done that and yet it had been amazingly wonderful. And the chances are fine thing and I'd like it to happen again but I've got no idea how to set it up. By the way, the Cancer Society were pleased with my efforts but concerned I didn't answer my phone.

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