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Chapters - A Euro Holiday

Cathy and Rene take a summer holiday.

A party of American college kids came in. In comparison to the locals, they were brash and noisy. But we were the best looking girls in the bar and they were soon competing for attention and pliing us with drinks. In some ways they were so terribly polite but they wore their desires in their body language which made Cathy and I laugh and tease.

They were getting several taxis to go back to the hotel and they invited us along. It seemed a better idea than taking the bus. We went to their hotel and they invited us in, but we refused and went to our own although we said that maybe we'd see them later. Again we had messages and date requests, and one of them was from the two guys that Cathy had shagged. I wasn't keen but she persuaded me to go out with them and we tarted ourselves up in readiness.

They duly arrived and took us to a nice restaurant where all the waitresses were beautiful and scantily dressed. The food was quite nice as well and the conversation amicable enough. We were actually sitting on a table with six guys who'd all been introduced it was clear that they were having some sort of business discussion.

We were very well wined and dined, it was amusing to see how the men all reacted to the very sexy waitresses. As they came near, the conversations would falter and when they leaned over the table to put down a plate and their breasts almost tumbled out, (in fact they did once and the men laughed in delight) their eyes would become fixed as if they were some kind of daze. Mind you Cathy and I had plenty of cleavage showing as well which ensured us a lot of attention.

Then I was totally surprised when after a bit of whispering and giggling with the guy beside her, Cathy slipped under the table and gave him a blow job. The guy beside me wanted me to do the same and I said no way. I knew when the guy came and I wondered why Cathy hadn't come up and then I realised she was blowing someone else. I'd finished my desert by the time she re-emerged licking her lips and looking pleased with herself.

I thought she was just being a slut and she thought I was just being a prude. Then she finished a glass of wine and went back under. But then blow me, she pushed my knees apart and started sucking me off. I come in no time at all and I hoped that there wasn't a wet patch on the back of my skirt. The guys all applauded which turned heads from the tables around us although I'm sure no one knew what was going on.

Then several guys said it was my turn to get down on my hands and knees and suck a few cocks, they were persuasive so I did. It was kinda weird but kinda funny at the same time, I blew four guys before I re-emerged and they were all delighted. Soon after we moved onto a bar and I almost got fucked in the cab on the way there. The outside of the place looked quite nice, but inside it was a bit of a dive though the music was nice and for awhile I lost myself on the dance floor. I was contemplating how much sex I was having, how it seemed so wrong and yet so amazing and how people would talk if I behaved like this at home?  

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