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Chapters - Love Story # 1

After weeks of chatting and flirting online, we finally managed to arrange a time to meet in real life. We followed standard protocols and met in a fairly innocuous café close to where you live. The place was busy and I'd just secured a table when you arrived. We picked up on some of our online conversations and you were more charming in real-life than online.

The sparkle in your eyes combined with the top you were wearing that so nicely displayed your cleavage made me forget myself a few times. I scarcely remember what we talked about until you reminded me that my coffee had gone cold, I'd only drank half the cup because I was mesmerised by the ease of our conversation and the way you laughed. The noise of the café was intruding so we walked to the small park down the end of the block and our conversation never ceased.

It had been raining and we sat on a park bench that I covered with my jacket talking about the joy we found in nature. The mood was playful and we experimented touching each others legs or arms. I liked the way you moved because sometimes you exposed the fullness of your breasts making me want you even more. The rain returned and after dashing to shelter under a veranda, I suggested going to a movie but instead you invited me to your apartment that was close by.

I liked the way your hair was tangled and wet and although we weren't soaking wet, the outline of your nipples was visible. We held hands and hurried to your building getting a little wetter as we crossed the street. As we rode up to the elevator I couldn't hold back and kissed you, you seemed a little unsure so I took half a step away but then that sparkle in your eyes intensified and that second kiss lasted until the doors opened.

You gave me a most seductive look as we disengaged although I was reluctant to release you. I enjoyed for a moment the smell of your damp hair and your breast pressed into my hand as you turned away. You began telling me about your apartment though I scarcely heard as my hand slid down your back to rest on your arse as I told you how hot your body was.

You pressed your body against mine as we walked down the hall and a door opened, there stood a diminutive man wearing a towel around his waist and he looked at you hungrily. You laughed and said hi George as we passed and as you opened your door, I could feel him watching. I must've hesitated for a moment because you had the door open and you grabbed my belt pulling me into the room asking for a repeat of that kiss.

A took you into my arms, reminded you how gorgeous you were and delivered an even better kiss as your hands made their way under my shirt. As we came out of that embrace your phone rang. You suggested I close the door as you went to take the call so I turned to carry out your request to see George standing there watching. After closing the door on him I turned pleased to see that you hadn't straightened your clothes, you were talking to a girlfriend and trying to shorten the conversation without being rude.

I came up and put my arms around you nuzzling into the side of your neck. You pressed your body back against mine so I took the liberty of sliding my hands under your top and squeezing your breasts through your bra as one of your hands played under my shirt. Your friend really wanted to talk so you half turned toward me pulling the front of my shirt out from my jeans.

I lean in and kiss your face and as you speak into the phone before sliding your top up over your boobs. You are a step ahead of me and raise your arms, a moment later I was also unhooking your bra. You covered the mouthpiece on the phone and said that it felt nice to be out of that contraption so I began fondling and then tasting your boobs. The way you pushed your chest toward me made me think that you were really horny.

Then you half turned, grabbed a pen and wrote something on a scrap of paper leaving me to continue exploring your body. I also worked out the clasp and when your skirt fell to the floor, you kicked it away but left your shoes on. You clearly enjoyed me playing with your boobs but for some reason you seemed less enthusiastic about me removing your knickers or getting my hands on your pussy. Your phone call lasted a couple of minutes but it seemed like forever then you broke off and you asked if I wanted something to drink.

I said yes and as you poured glasses of wine, that delightful sparkle reappeared in your eyes and you invited me to undress. I must've looked a bit slow or confused, I was really just thinking about ripping your panties off and fucking you but somehow you were holding me back. We chatted about some other stuff before you put the glass down, opened my pants and slid them down.

Your move was ever so wonderful when you took my cock into your mouth and I was hard in seconds. You broke off sucking to express some praise and adoration. We flirted and you did a lot more sucking, I suggested that 69 would be nice but you seemed determined to get me off with your mouth so I relaxed and let it happen. Standing there it was just your head bobbing up and down accompanied by your slurping sounds.

It took a while, you seemed to be enjoying yourself so I relaxed and that it happen and I was ever so delighted when you swallowed. Then you stood up pressing yourself against me, we traded kisses and I could taste myself on your lips but I was feeling frustrated that I had only hold your arse whereas I really wanted your pussy.

It seemed like forever but you stepped away so I could finish undressing and invited me to the bedroom. You had a nice collection of toys on display and suggested I could try some of them, but I just wanted to get inside those sexy red knickers but before you pulled me into your bed, you darkened the room. I'd have preferred more lights but then we were there together, under the covers, my hands on your tits and for some reason you are still hesitant about letting me go lower.

I couldn't contain myself so I slid my hands down, and down inside your panties I found a modest fat cock were a pussy should be.

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