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Chapters - Sperm Test

By Jake

I got married to Sam little over a year ago and she was dead keen to have kids but perhaps somewhere in my deeper unconscious I was less enthusiastic. Don't get me wrong, Sam is dropdead gorgeous, I love her to bits and we have great sex life but because she wanted kids she went and got herself checked out.

Well she checked out perfectly and although I was reluctant, I finally made an appointment for a sperm test to make sure I wasn't firing blanks. To fit this examination in my schedule I took the morning off and with a couple of hours free time before the appointment, Sam and I had pleasant hour or so fucking which perhaps let me a bit drained.

Anyhow I bowled up to the clinic a little nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect and after completing those mandatory forms I had to sit and wait. I was partway through reading an article when I was called to an interview room were a pleasant looking young woman called Kim introduced herself. She invited me to sit beside her then prompted me with a few general questions about life and health before moving on to sex and performance.

I was pretty upfront and candid about Sam and I rarely going a day without sex and often indulging three or four times every day. I felt a little more challenged when Kim asked me to describe how we had sex but her manner and perhaps her charm put me at ease. So I told her that we were fairly straight but we enjoyed lots of foreplay, oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Of course we had tried and anal a few times, but Sam found it too uncomfortable and I wasn't particularly interested.

As we were talking I couldn't help but notice Kim. She looked pretty hot for a doctor dressed as she was in a light blue sleeveless minidress that zipped down the front. Quite a few times as we talked, she'd look back at her notes so I'd let my eyes wander briefly then she'd turn back towards me with a warm smile. After a few of those instances it was a challenge for me to keep my eyes away from her cleavage but then it came time for a physical exam.

I must been dreaming because she had to repeat herself asking me to step behind the screen and remove my pants. Seconds later I was bending forward and resting my elbows on the examination table as her gloved and lubed finger checked out my prostate. I'd only had someone do that once before and the doctor had been rough and clearly in a hurry to get it over with, but Kim, she took it really slow and I almost felt like I was being fucked. When she asked me how I felt I realised she was flirting with me but all the same I was relieved when she said that my prostate felt absolutely normal and she took her finger out.

As I was about to stand up she told me to stay in that position because she wasn't finished and before she stepped away she thoroughly cleaned all around my hole. It was then I realised that my cock was getting interested so I asked her what was next. This she said that she had to continue the examination and afterwards I had to give a sperm sample. My mind immediately conjured up the idea of me sitting in a small cubicle jacking off into a little plastic cup.

She'd turned away from me so I idly let my eyes wander up and down her back as she did whatever. Earlier I'd been trying to work out if she was wearing a bra and then I knew she wasn't because I couldn't see any of those indentations that bras always leave. A second later she turned toward me rubbing something onto her hands and I could have sworn she'd partly unzipped her dress but then her fingers were pressing into my premium.

She said that she hoped I didn't mind that she was using a little oil to make the examination more pleasant. And then she was massaging between my anus and balls, firmly but I must say really nicely. I commented that what she was a really nice and almost um-medical. She laughed and said that she wanted a really good sperm sample and she must've continued massaging over the premium, fondling my balls in the base of my cock for a good tour three minutes. Then she asked me how it felt.  I suggested that if all doctors were this good at doing the examination, they'd have people lined up down the street. She laughed, a kind of a girlish giggle and then I could scarcely believe what I was feeling, naked pussy against the side of my hip.

A few times I'd felt her leg touch mine, but now the contact was much firmer so I told her that she was getting much more delightfully forward in her approach. She laughed again and told me that she had to get a really good sperm sample. I replied that she was going the right way about it. My mind was turning towards her giving me a hand job and I gotta tell you that her hand was doing wonders. Even though I'd had a good fuck three hours ago, I was almost ready to go again.

It was hard controlling myself, especially as I now realised the front of her dress was completely open and she had nothing on underneath. I just had to start responding and I wondered for a moment if Sam realised what she'd gotten me into. Her hand was doing wonderful things, rubbing down through my crack, fondling my balls and stroking the length of my cock that was hard as and ready to go. Then she said I'd better get up on the table. When I stood up and turned to face her I noticed the time, she'd been rubbing my gear for a good 15 minutes. For a moment I stood facing her, my cock pressing against her belly and my fingers tracing her contours as she looked up at me with dewy eyes. But then she tapped me on the chest with a finger reminding me to lay on the table.

I lay back as instructed with my legs apart and her hand with a squeeze of fresh oil went back to massaging my stuff. We talked about different ways of fucking as I lay back with my hands behind my head watching her hands at work and her boobs as they swayed and jiggled as she worked. I was slowly getting more relaxed and more turned on but by that time I'd totally lost my perspective of her being a doctor. What she was doing felt so good I bought my hand down and started stroking the back of her thigh. She never pulled away as I expected a doctor would do, but then she was almost naked so my hand went exploring between her legs. She was as wet as I was aroused and then she asked me how quickly I could come. I replied that I usually struggled to come within half an hour and she laughed and said that I must be rather unusual then she slid my shirt up, squeezed my nipples and got more seriously involved in trying to get me off as my fingers worked their way up inside her pussy. She must've been enjoying that because moments later she moaned appreciatively before lifting her leg and giving me full access.

We continued masturbating each other for what must have been another five minutes until she became almost breathless and she suggested that we should do this differently. I said to go for it and seconds later she was sitting on my face with my cock in her mouth. After slurping away for what seemed like 10 minutes she paused long enough to tell me to let her know when I was coming because she had to collect my sperm.

By then I was just settling in to my comfort zone and the level of arousal that I knew I could maintain for at least an hour. But she was getting more and more excited and had a series of orgasms. I figured her hands and mouth were tiring as she was slowing down and getting erratic in her movements, lost in her own sense of pleasure. I was well and truly warmed up and she obeyed when I told her to get off and lean on the couch. I stood behind and fucked her. Several times she reminded me to pull out and squirt in the cup but several orgasms later she was struggling to stand so I laid her on her desk, rested her legs on my shoulders and gave her a fucking good pounding.

One of her colleagues walked in and in a rather jealous voice asked how long she would be. Kim replied that it would be as long as it took but for her to make sure that I had a collection cup handy. As the girl closed the door and walked toward us, Kim orgasmed again and moaned demanding me to fuck her harder. I did my best to oblige as the girl with a slightly fuller figure and similarly dressed walked across the room towards us. Simultaneously she banged the collection cup on the desk beside Kim and her other hand went between my legs and squeezed my balls. For a few seconds her naked breasts and body pressed into my back before before she walked toward the door zipping herself up and after a flirty smile she was gone.

I put Kim's body in a few more different positions before I was ready to come and I just managed to pull out in time and squirt into the cup. Kim and I cracked up laughing that that'd been my best ever doctor's visit then we spent another five minutes kissing and cuddling before her conscience reminded her that she had another client waiting.

After reluctantly separating and getting dressed, Kim made another appointment for me to return and discuss the results then I quite literally floated home. Sam looked me up and down as though she knew exactly what I'd been up to then she laughed and said that she liked how that sex clinic did things differently. I immediately had a vision of her being similarly questioned and fucked but I thought better of saying anything.

Sam and I continued life as normal for a week until I went for my next appointment. Kim's appearance showed she'd taken a little extra care, she looked even more excitingly seductive but after a brief embrace we got down to business. She marked my sexuality well above average but she said that my sperm were a little underdeveloped because I was having sex so often. She wanted me to abstain for a few days and come in for another test. As she told me that, she leaned forwards resting one hand on my knee and giving me a good view of her boobs so couldn't have said no even if I'd wanted to.

Sam was surprisingly agreeable to a few days of abstinence and I returned to my next appointment four days later. Kim and I joked about the challenge of abstinence but then she was all on. I reminded her how much I loved that genital massage and she indulged me for perhaps 10 minutes or so before we fell on the floor and spent over an hour fucking. I thought she was a little over enthusiastic but still she was a great fuck and I was so involved that I only pulled out in time to catch the second squirt.

I would have liked to have indulged in a longer period of after sex intimacy, but as she had another client waiting I had to dress and leave. Late that afternoon Kim called as she said that my sperm were much better developed and if we wanted to get pregnant, all I had to do was take a few days off. Sam and I struggled with that but six weeks later she was confirmed as pregnant.


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